Several years ago, inspired by some rather over-enthusiastic social behavior on the part of my dog, Henry, I wrote a little ditty called Puppy Dog Jig.

Actually, while I refer to it as a “little ditty”, I didn’t just whip it out in one sitting. I worked long and hard on Puppy Dog Jig, completing several drafts and enlisting feedback from an associate and past teacher of mine, Heidi Bee Roemer, a professional poet. I mention this because, like anyone who’s ever written a picture book or a children’s song, it’s particularly annoying and all too common to hear people comment on how easy it must be to write a picture book. (Right!)

Children's Music owen duggan Puppy Dog Jig

Having submitted Puppy Dog Jig to a few publishers and received several rejections along the lines of, “Wow, Puppy Dog Jig made me want to get up and dance… but I’m not sure it’s a picture book.” I decided to take their comments to heart and, rather than submit it to more publishers, I sent it to award-winning, singer-songwriter, Owen Duggan. And guess what–he put it to music! Better yet, he made Puppy Dog Jig the title track on his newest children’s CD. And what a CD it is! I’m so proud to part of it. Not only did Owen do a wonderful job singing and creating a bouncy tune for my lyrics, but the rest of the CD, which includes several songs of his own, is even more amazing.

If you have a little one–BUY IT! Not just because I wrote the lyrics for Puppy Dog Jig. Buy it because it’s one of the best children’s CD’s (MP3s) I’ve ever heard. As an adult, you’ll actually enjoy listening to it, as you well know, over and over and over again 🙂

My dog likes to dance,

Likes to wiggle waggle wig,

Likes to WOOF, WOOF, wiggle waggle,

Dance a puppy jig.

     WOOF, WOOF, wiggle waggle,

     Wiggle, waggle, wig.

     Wiggle woof, wiggle wag—

     Puppy Dog Jig!


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  1. I have a friend who needs an artist for her Children’s book.

    You all were the first people I thought of as I sing with Owen on Puppy Dog Jig!

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Thank you,

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