John Guy Collick

Dreamscapes At The End Of Time – Building The Universe Of Thumb, by John Guy Collick

John Guy Collick’s novel, Thumb, takes place on what its characters literally consider the body of God. More specifically on, “A flat singularity (carrying) the unfinished body of God through an empty universe.” The inhabitants of Collick’s universe not only live on this colossal body of God, they are also its architects and builders. The…

Solitary writer

The Solitary Writer

When my husband and I decided to pack up our things and move, I knew at some point I’d face a period of loneliness. The decision to move had everything to do with what type of house we saw ourselves living in, taxes, and family responsibilities. It had nothing to do with needing new friends.…

Puppy Dog Jig Children's Music

Puppy Dog Jig!

Woof, Woof, wiggle waggle — Puppy Dog Jig!  So, I’m still busy finishing up a new educational book series, still moving and unpacking–STILL not having much time or energy to blog, but I wanted to announce something–something BIG! Well, and kind of cute and sweet and funny… anyway, here goes: Puppy Dog Jig, a wonderful…